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TGS 08: LocoRoco 2 Packed with New Features

LocoRoco first came out for the PSP two years ago and captured the attention of a wide range of both casual and hardcore gamers. Sony Computer Entertainment followed up with LocoRoco Cocoreccho! for the PS3 almost exactly a year later, leaving the PSP crowd out in the cold.  Fortunately, at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, creator Tsutomu Kouno […]

Games you MUST play for PSP

Brian Crecente, over at Kotaku has put together a list of the Top 10 PSP games that every PSP gamer should at least try (according to him, in no particular order): Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Killzone: Liberation Tekken: Dark Resurrection Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Daxter LocoRoco Legos Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Lumines […]

Next-Gen’s Top 50 Games of 2006

Once again, Next-Gen has put together their list of the Top 50 Games of 2006, spanning all consoles. As you can see from the list below, both the PSP and the DS came out fairly respectably, pulling in a combined eight of the honours. 8. New Super Mario Bros. – DS 23. LocoRoco – PSP […]

Every year, IGN puts out their guide to the best gear for the holiday season… and this year they don’t disappoint! They have released their 2006 Holiday Buyer’s Guide, and here is their insight into the best games to put under the tree for both the DS and PSP: With all of this momentum behind […]

PSP Podcast #56

Prepare to settle in and listen to another PSP podcast. This week I bring you some news on GTA: Vice City Stories, talk about the PSP camera, and even talk about a custom PSP firmware. Cara is also here to bring you a great episode of The Scene where she talks about Lumines II. A […]

Sony has given us a little treat: firmware update 2.81 and a special Halloween LocoRoco demo. It’s not quite as satisfying as candy but I guess it’s better than nothing. The update has no new features apparently as it says “Revisions to strengthen security have been added.” Early reports say the LocoRoco demo works on […]

PSP Podcast #55

Due to a system crash, this episode is out a bit later then intended. A nice side effect of that is that I now have two, count em two, “The Scene” segments for you this week. Cara had recorded one a couple weeks ago for my first recording session of #55, and thankfully it wasn’t […]

PSP Content Pack for the month of October

The October PSP Content Pack has been released. This month features the G.A.P Killzone wallpaper contest finalist. Sadly, there is no demo this month; perhaps the new Killzone content will make up for it. Download the October PSP Content Pack PSP Content ATV Offroad Fury Pro – Trailer Gangs of Londo – Gang Videos Gangs […]

Game releases for the week of September 3rd

The PSP gets three new games this week. Of the three, one has been drawing a lot of attention. Ironically, it doesn’t involve guns, explosives, or anything of the sort. In fact, it features an adorable yellow blob as the main character that can split itself into little pieces by calling upon a lightening bolt […]

I must say, this is one of Sony’s better ad campeigns. Their last advertisement wasn’t exactly been well received. Surely the cute and cuddly benign LocoRoco characters are not carrying out their advertising crusade with malevolent intentions?

You can rub your eyes as much as you want folks… you read it correctly – homebrew on ALL firmware, including 2.71. Thanks to the much talked about Epsilon BIOS development for the coveted Undiluted Platinum chip, every firmware version has the ability to run homebrew straight from the memory stick. The BIOS is a […]

PSP Content Pack for the month of June

Sony has released a new PSP Content Pack this month. There are two packs as usual; one simply contains more stuff than the other. June Content Pack 1: PSP system Update 2.71 (more info) LocoRoco Playable Demo (System Update 2.71 Required) – (ESRB RP) E3 Coverage – Killzone: Liberation (ESRB RP) G.A.P. Auditions Video PlayStation-Palooza […]


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