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GTA:LCS Requires Firmware 2.0

Just wanted to post this up, as i’ve recieved a pile of emails from confused reader/listeners. GTA:LCS is the first game to require that firmware 2.0 exists ON your PSP. That is, you would of had to apply the firmware 2.0 upgrade to play the game. If you were running 1.5 on your PSP, you […]

PSP Firmware 2.01 released

Looks like Sony was quick to move on the release of a new firmware update. version 2.01 is available today if you use Network Update on a Japanese PSP. This is a small update that apparently only repairs the image based exploit. If you ever want the ability to run homebrew, I would hold off […]

XTREMEPSP Magazine i004 Released

Issue 4 of this PSP magazine has been released and in this issue it has reviews of Metal Gear Ac!d, Untold Legends and Mercury plus the latest homebrew releases examined. Also a few tutorials including how to customise save game icons, how to read books on your PSP and how to get a virtual keyboard […]

PSP Podcast #18

PSP Podcast #18 is here and hot hot HOT! We have lots of news for you guys this week, both release news and news on new homebrew releases. Mrsmiley is back again with a set of cool mobile entertainment reviews, you’ll have to listen to find out what I mean ;) And last but never least, Cara is back with a new episode of The Scene for your aural pleasure. As always, let us know what you think of our podcasts!

Firmware 2.0 released

Sony has today released it’s Firmware 2.0 for Japanese PSPs! So there you go, no waiting for a north american release. This update is available from network update in your PSP’s setting menu, but remember: If you update to 2.0 from 1.5 or 1.0, you will not be able to run your homebrew any longer. […]

AgenaWorld released

I was sent this note via email: The homebrew games on PSP are getting better and better by the day. The first multiplayer homebrew game has been released. Its called AgenaWorld (at version 1.1). It uses the IrDA port for linking, so if you have two psp’s you can duel each other in this Star […]

Firmware 2.0 soon!

It’s been announced and confirmed, Sony will be releasing firmware version 2.0 in Japan on July 27th. This will be a huge release for Sony and may have a big impact on the homebrew scene with the pile of people who are sure to update to 2.0 The firmware 2.0 will bring us pile of […]

PSP Podcast #14

PSP Podcast #14 is here, on time and with no screwups! :) First.. lets get the claiming done and out of the way… My Odeo Channel (Code: e99c78a94b615859) My Odeo Channel (Code: 27f73e9fa382e4b5) It’s a news week. I chat a bit about Wipeout Pure’s Gamma pack 3 and some great homebrew games that have been released lattely. Cara is also back with an episode of the scene.

PSP Podcast #12

PSP Podcast #12! We have a long episode for you this week. I chat a little bit about the pirated games that are being played, and cover some of the other homebrew. I review Midnight Club 3:Dub edition and MrSmiley is back with a great review of the Nyko Theater Experience. Of course, Cara is back with a great edition of the Scene!

PSP Podcast #11

PSP Podcast #11 is now ready and available for download! We cover a huge amount of news this week including more wipeout pure news, chatting about Sony and their lawsuits and all the latest and greatest homebrew. Cara is back with the Scene as well. PGR is looking for some staff. Interested in reporting on […]

PSP Podcast #10

PSP Podcast #10. I chat a bit about the latest homebrew and the new 1.5 Exploit. Cara is back with a special edition of the scene, and I review the Brando PSP Airform UMD case.

KXploit Now Available!

The fine spanish folks that brought you the original swaploit, Killer-X and the PSP-Dev crew, have just released something new for us. This time it’s a non swaping exploit for your 1.5 firmware PSPs that helps you to get homebrew to run! This time the KXploit will create 2 folders for easy homebrew that you […]


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