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PSP Podcast #18

PSP Podcast #18 is here and hot hot HOT! We have lots of news for you guys this week, both release news and news on new homebrew releases. Mrsmiley is back again with a set of cool mobile entertainment reviews, you’ll have to listen to find out what I mean ;) And last but never least, Cara is back with a new episode of The Scene for your aural pleasure. As always, let us know what you think of our podcasts!

PSP Podcast #15.5 is here!

PSP Podcast #15.5 is now ready and available for download! I hinted at the end of #15 that I had a sppecial announcement to make in the coming days, and here it is! Today I would like to announce the launch of a new PSP website. Don’t worry though, this site will not replace […]

iTunes Podcast Support

I mentioned it in the podcast, but wanted to post it here as well. My podcast is listed in the new version of iTunes, version 4.9. This is a great release and I’m glad to see a big company like Apple embrace the podcasting community. That being said, Apple is unfortunately linking to the *wrong* […]

We’ve been Dug!

Looks like PGR was just Dug on, welcome to my new visitors. Hopefully the added traffic won’t tax my server too much ;) Info about our Logo Contest can be found here. Good luck, and while you are here you may want to check out my PSP podcast. It’s a great weekly source of […]

Forums have been added

As mentioned in this week’s podcast I have added forum software here on PGRevolution. Please check it out and post your thoughts about the podcasts! There are some general sections as well so lets get some conversations started! PGR Forums

PSP Podcast #1

The first PSP Podcast is now available. The PSP podcast is a weekly report on all the latest utilities, hardware, and games released for Sony’s PSP. More and more features will be added as the weeks go on, so stay tuned! This is just an introductory podcast as we are still gathering content to present, […]


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