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Outrun Coast 2 Coast Hands-On

Both Gamespot and IGN have posted Hands-On previews of the upcoming Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. The game currently has a release date of Apr 25, 2006 and is also available on PC, PS2 and XBox. Both reviews provide a good deal of information and are positive on the whole. For more information, check out […]

Akihabara PSP News Volume 23

Akihabara News has released Volume 23 of their PSP formatted magazine. Akihabara covers the latest hi-tech stuff and gadgets emerging across the pond in Asia. Download the English version Download the French version

3 new Sony Media Recorders

Akihabara News is reporting that Sony has announced 3 new HDD and DVD Media Recorders: the RDZ-D97A (400GB), the 77A (250GB) and the 87 (250GB). The best news is that you can connect your PSP to these Media Recorders and record straight onto the gaming console and since all 3 models are DLNA compliant, you […]

Wario Ware Minigame Dev Kit

Youresam from PSP Updates has released an interesting little program that allows you to create Wario Ware-esque minigames for the PSP. The development kit is essentially an emulator for making minigames for his yet to be released Wario Ware homebrew game. The kit includes a read me that details how to create minigames using Lua. […]

Genesis UMD Launcher 2.6

The fine folks over at ProjectPSP have released a niftly little app for us 1.50 users to play 2.60 only PSP games. Genesis UMD Launcher is based on Run UMD which is designed to do the same thing. So far they’ve tested five games, four of which work with Genisis Launcher. Working: FIFA Street 2 […]

More Capcom Classics for PSP

According to Gamespot, Capcom announced today that they will release a follow-up compilation to Capcom Classics Collection Remixed titled Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded. Reloaded will include games such as Street Fighter II, Commando, and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, Eco Fighters, Knights of the Round and King of Dragons. The game will sport ad hoc wireless play, […]

PSP Connect Updated

PSP Vault reports that Sony’s PSP Connect page has been updated albiet only slightly. The only change really is the addition of a few new videos, but as PSP Vault stated it does show us that Sony hasn’t completely forgotten about that website.

PSone Games $15 on PSP?

Gamespot’s Rumor Control has tackled the PSP Updates story about $15 PSOne games for the PSP. The official story: “There has not been any official imagery released from Sony Computer Entertainment showcasing the PS one emulator on PSP. Please disregard those images as false.”–a Sony representative. Their conclusion is that the information is bogus. You […]

PSP Podcast #50

Episode #50 is finally here for your listening pleasure! Give it a listen and let us know what you think. We have a few reviews and a preview for you, and a huge number of listenr comments. Thanks to everyone for your support through this past year, we do this each week for you guys! […]

X-Flash v7

Art from PSP Updates has released his own personal firmware modifier. It’s goal is to allow users to quickly apply firmware hacks that modify the firmware. X-Flash is a firmware modification program written primarily for my own use. I wanted a way to quickly apply newly discovered firmware hacks, and to automate the process of […]

Guidelines for PSP Websites and RSS Feeds

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a set of guidelines in PDF format to assist web developers in creating websites that are compatible with the PSP browser. In addition to this, they have released guides on releasing audio content to be used with RSS syndication. The guides are completely free with only a simple registration […]

Silent Hill Experience Released

Konami has released the interactive comic Silent Hill Experience this week. This is the first of the two announced interactive products, the other one being Metal Gear: The Digital Comic. Product Information Unique among all PSP™ products available on the market, The Silent Hill® Experience combines a variety of media – comics, music and movies […]


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