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Dave Mirra Hitting the PSP

Crave Entertainment announced today that it will be bringing a new title in the Dave Mirra series to the PSP reports IGN. The game will be titled Dave Mirra BMX Challenge and is set for an October release. The game will feature a number of bikes available for use in 17 levels with 9 environments. […]

Open Season to Become a Game

IGN reports that Columbia Pictures upcoming movie Open Season will be converted to a game courtesy of Ubisoft. The game will be released for “all available video game platforms” but specifics were not listed. In Open Season, a bear named Boog (Martin Lawrence) and a deer named Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) end up gathering an army […]

iR Shell v1.4

Ahman continues to amaze us with this new release of iR Shell. If you haven’t tried out iR Shell yet, this would be a great time to do so. iR Shell is one of the most reliable screenshot takers, has infrared file transfer, and many more features. Version 1.4 adds new features like user created […]

Sony 4GB Memory Stick For $279.90

The newest Lik-Sang Product alert has revealed that the Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB is now available for pre-order at $279.90 and will ship in June 2006.

Tekken PSP Online Features

According to IGN, the newest issue of Famitsu reports that Tekken: Dark Resurrection will have an interesting online feature. Apparently, players will be able to download ghost character data to their PSP. In this way, Namco will locate the best player in the world and make that person’s fighting data and style available for download […]

NEO-PSP Pad 8 in 1 inc. 4GB Microdrive

Divineo released the Neo-PSP PAD 8 in 1 inc. 4GB Microdrive yesterday. PSP Updates summed up the features of this device quite nicely: It adds to the PSP functionality in three different categories, Memory, Battery, and Ergonomics (how it is held/comfort of playing). For memory it allows the use of more than just the standard […]

DIY PSP Headphones

Hacking PSP has posted a tutorial on making your own PSP headset. I purchased SOCOM: FTB last week at EB Games…. I asked them if they got the headset in too…. nope. I searched all over this fine city of mine and NOBODY had the heaset. So I decided to take matters into my own […]

Even More “PSP 2” Rumors

Hot on the heals of the recent Shacknews post, NewTechSpy has posted information about a new PSP titled “The PSi” (interactive). According to NewTechSpy: The PSi (interactive) is just 4.5” wide and carries a 3” LCD with 16 million colors. Other familiar features include a tightly squeezed UMD and memory stick duo. Amazingly the PSi […]

Gun Screenshots

A bit more info on the upcoming title GUN has been released. Activision has issued a press release and a few screenshots showing the game’s progress on our beloved PSP system. I was a fan of this game on the consoles, despite the fact that when I played the XBox version the main storyline was […]

Outrun Coast 2 Coast Hands-On

Both Gamespot and IGN have posted Hands-On previews of the upcoming Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. The game currently has a release date of Apr 25, 2006 and is also available on PC, PS2 and XBox. Both reviews provide a good deal of information and are positive on the whole. For more information, check out […]

Akihabara PSP News Volume 23

Akihabara News has released Volume 23 of their PSP formatted magazine. Akihabara covers the latest hi-tech stuff and gadgets emerging across the pond in Asia. Download the English version Download the French version

3 new Sony Media Recorders

Akihabara News is reporting that Sony has announced 3 new HDD and DVD Media Recorders: the RDZ-D97A (400GB), the 77A (250GB) and the 87 (250GB). The best news is that you can connect your PSP to these Media Recorders and record straight onto the gaming console and since all 3 models are DLNA compliant, you […]


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