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GTAPortable reports that Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of GTA, filed 3 patents for “Vice City Stories” last week on March 21. That patents covered everything from video games, to clothing, to movies and television (search for “Vice City Stories). Take-Two already announced that they are going to make a second GTA game for the PSP. […]

Zoo Keeper v1.02

Orbpig has released an update to Zoo Keeper which is a clone of the Flash game by the same name. The object of the game is to move similar blocks in too columns or rows of at least three. This eliminates the blocks and more fall down to take their place. This game is one […]

Spore Headed for PSP

Will Wright, the creator of The Sims and numerous other popular games, has confirmed that Spore will be coming to handhelds like the PSP and Nintendo DS. Ever since winning the game of the show award at E3, Spore has been one of the most anticipated titles for PC. A few weeks ago, we reported […]

Engadget has spotted two patents filed by Sony that look like a cellphone and keyboard attachment for the PSP. In two filings dated November 10, 2004 (and made public in late February 2006 and only three days ago, respectively), a gaggle of Sony designers submitted applications for both “ornamental design[s]” for a keyboard and phone […]

Shortly after Griffin Technology’s lineup of new PSP accessories, Bluetake has announced its own add-on. Bluetake specializes in manufacturing Bluetooth enabled products. Unsurprisingly, the i-PHONO mini is a Bluetooth stereo transmitter that allows you to transmit your audio wirelessly. The i-PHONO mini Bluetooth® Stereo Pod Transmitter (P/N: BT450Px) allows the SONY® PSP™ to transmit the […]

World Tour Soccer 2 Details

Sony has announced that World Tour Soccer 2 for the PSP is scheduled to be released sometime in June. Although it’s no match for Pro Evolution Soccer, the challenge mode offers a new twist to soccer gaming by giving you points for stylish scoring and intricate passes. The game will be split into World Tour […]

Justice League Heroes Coming to PSP

Punch Jump is reporting that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced the development of Justice League Heroes for the PS2, Xbox, and PSP. The game will be released this fall and will sport a completely new and original story. “In Justice League Heroes, gamers get to play Batman and Superman together along with an amazing […]

First Year Retrospective of PSP

The Chicago Tribune (registration required) has posted an interesting retrospective on the first year of the PSP. I love my Sony PlayStation Portable, which turns 1 year old on Friday. It boasts more than 100 games ($20 to $40 each) that get better all the time (Must-haves include new releases “Daxter,” “Syphon Philter: Dark Mirror” […]

GUBA Launches Video Upload Service

GUBA, a leading provider of search tools and web access to Usenet, has launched a new video uploading service compatible with the PSP and iPod. This new service offers content creators an easy way to distribute video clips, short films, and even vodcasts. All you have to do is upload a video and GUBA will […]

Titan Homebrew Manager

FileAssistant++ Released

PSP Updates reports that 71M, the coder who brought us the homebrew Flash player, has released a new version of his versatile file browser called FileAssistant++. FileAssistant++ is his entry for the NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition. This file browser can do a lot more than browse files though, it allows you to view display pictures, […]

Newest EyeTV upgrade hurts PSP vision

Looks like this has been fixed, damn Elgato support is fast! Thanks to Adam at Elgato for posting a comment allreting me to this bug being squashed. If you are a user of Elgato’s EyeTV software and like to export your video to your PSP, you might want to hold off on updating to the […]


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