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There’s also a few more things that can be found in the SCEE press release. As a next step, SCEI will newly add Macromedia┬« Flash┬« player and extend RSS Channel function which enable users to playback and save internet radio content and entertainment movies. SCEI will also start a new download service offering selected popular […]

PSP Info From the Sony Conference

IGN is posting updates from the Sony Conference that just finished up in Tokyo. Here are some PSP Specific notes from the conference: * The PSP userbase is 96% male and Sony views this as a problem. Ideally, the company would like more women to play PSP and Sony looks to widen the system’s appeal […]

Darkstalkers Anime UMD Hits Shelves

IGN reports that Darkstalkers anime hit stores in the form of UMD today. This was announced earlier but then dropped off the radar and just kind of popped up. The two episodes are Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Alpha and Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Omega and retail for $19.99 each. It was also previously announced that […]

MLB 2K6 Delayed

IGN reports that the Baseball sim MLB 2K6 has been pushed back for all consoles. EB Games now lists the release date for the PS2 and Xbox versions at April 10, about a week into the MLB regular season. On Xbox 360, Gamecube and PSP, the title is listed as shipping on April 24. Considering […]

New PSP Value Packs

PSP Fanboy reports (via French Blog Kingplayer), that Sony is reworking their Value Pack strategy. Sony has revealed five new PSP Value Packs, each being offered with one of five titles: Medievil, Pursuit Force, WRC, Wipeout Pure, and Ridge Racer. It appears that the pack will be doing for about $250 Euros which translates to […]

PSP Upgrade for Real? Maybe

An interesting development cropped up yesterday, Paul Thurrot wrote that Sony is going to ship a “media-friendly PSP revision” in time for the holidays. Paul Thurrot is well respected in the technology biz and specializes in Microsoft Windows. He claims that the new revision will include 4 GB of internal storage and a built in […]

Beats of Rage v0.09

SamuraiX from PSP Updates has released a new version of his popular homebrew game, Beats of Rage. SamuraiX has combined the best aspects of both Streets of Rage and King of Fighters to create a funtastic fighting game. This new release includes the original BOR and the new OpenBOR that is more compatible. However, the […]

MSVR-A10 PSP Recorder

Kotaku reports that Sony is launching a new PSP recorder called the MSVR-A10. It can record four hours and 10 minutes at 384 kpbs on a 2GB memory stick and will retail for $215.

Katamari Homepage Countdown Begins reports that Namco’s special homepage for Katamari Damacy in Japan has started a countdown to the sites closure. The countdown says the site for “We Love Katamari” will close in three days which is this Friday, March 17. Considering that previously, we heard that Me & My Katamari Producer Toshiya Hara is hinting that […]

Interview With Rob Hill On Untold Legends 2

Next-Gen has posted an interview with Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code producer Rob Hill about how the follow-up to Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade addresses its predecessor’s blandness and load times. He also discusses the quest system, PSP-specific limitations and the story. Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code hits retail shelves in North America today.

The Revolution Just Got Bigger

Today is a monumental day for PGRevolution. Today is the day when PGZine, the official PGR magazine, is launched for the world to see. The mag has been in development for several months and has been delayed a few times but we did it. The entire PGRevolution staff, is proud to present the first issue […]

PG Rewind – Mar 13th 2006

Another Monday, another PGR Podcast. In this episode we bring you some news on Metal Gear:BD, Wipeout Pure hidden packs, and the usual roundup of homebrew and game release dates. Listen in for a super special announcement, you don’t want to miss this one! Call our voicemail line and leave us a comment! 1-206-326-1221 If […]


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