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Sony has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer six months of complimentary wi-fi access through T-Mobile’s nationwide HotSpot service. The catch is that you must be using the latest 3.30 firmware. If you’re using 3.30, just go to your nearest T-Mobile HotSpot and choose the “Use Wireless HotSpot” option to get started. The nice thing […]

Wipeout Pulse to PSP… With Infrastructure!!!

PSP’s launch was kind of weak… admit it. But what it DID have was a little gem, now found for twenty bucks, called “Wipeout Pure”. I think everyone and their mom’s owned this one but me, and the kicker was that there was no online play. Slick visuals, disgusting speeds, and gorgeous art style just […]

PSP Video 9 for Firmware 3.30 Beta

With the release of the new 3.30 firmware, full screen video support has finally become feasible and the developers of PSP Video 9, Red Kawa, are all over it. In less than twenty-four hours, they put together a version of PSP Video 9, albeit very beta, capable of encoding at 480×272 and 720×480 resolution. There […]

PSP Firmware 3.30 Out in the Wild

Heads up everyone, firmware update 3.30 is out and available for download! What happened to 3.20? Nobody knows, but who cares? This update brings a few features, one of which many people will be excited to hear: full screen video support. That’s right, Sony has finally lifted the shackles and is allowing users to play […]

New Final Fantasy: Crisis Core Trailer! [Update 1]

Check out the trailer on YouTube here… Being on Youtube, I’m not too sure how reliable it is, but there’s definitely some new footage in there. Thanks PSP Fanboy for the heads up. Anyone have a word on where the original source is? [Update] Gamevideos has a trailer as well which you can view on […]

TMNT Game Rocks… On GBA?!

Turns out you might just have a reason to dust off the ol’ GBA, flip out that crusty SP, or simply remove your GBA cover on the DS… Why? Ninja Turtles, baby. As the biggest TMNT fan here (who wasn’t around for it in the 80′s) I’m really excited about it. I got it for […]

GRAW 2 Fades into the Shadows… For now…

Aye, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 for the PSP has been delayed past its expected March 30th launch date in place of a June release. That hurts. Along with GRAW’s delay is the millionth delay of Rainbow Six Vegas for the PSP, slated now for “Spring”. I don’t think we’ll ever quite see it… :( […]

Kratos slashin’ it up on the PSP? Hell yeah!

After a slip up earlier this week at 1up and an even more clear picture seen at IGN its is now more than safe to say we’ll be seeing a God of War title on the PSP, courtesy of our friends at Ready at Dawn, the dudes who brought us the delightful Daxter. The “COMING […]

Killzone Liberation Demo Comes Stateside

Sony sent out an e-mail to a select few of its Playstation Underground members informing them of the upcoming Killzone: Liberation beta patch! If you’re a UK member, perhaps this is old news, but to us Canadian and American gamers, this is NEWS! Sony’s letter read as such: Prepare for battle: Beta test the KILLZONEâ„¢: […]

The Struggles of Tiki Games – Part 3

Here is the final installment of the series of three articles that has been run by PSP Fanboy: Tiki Games is currently developing a PSP-exclusive RTS game called “Galaxy’s End.” Read more about the trials and tribulations of being an upstart developer in this three-part series by Tiki Games President Kevin J. McCann. See Part […]

The Struggles of Tiki Games – Part 2

Okay.. so I posted the first part a day late – here is the second part in the series: Tiki Games is currently developing a PSP-exclusive RTS game called “Galaxy’s End.” Read more about the trials and tribulations of being an upstart developer in this three-part series by Tiki Games President Kevin J. McCann. See […]

The Struggles of Tiki Games – Part 1

The folks over at PSP Fanboy are hosting a three-part series on the problems and issues that Tiki Games are encountering in their quest to get a publisher to bring their real-time sci-fi strategy title, Galaxy’s End to the PSP. I figured that there are going to be tons of gamers out there who are […]


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