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Nintendo DS & PSP Games 25% OFF!

So if you are one of the few people who has not purchased Elite Beat Agents? Well now there is no excuse now, Tower Records is having a 25% off all video games. So you can get EBA $22.49. Some other great titles that are also on sale. Head on over there and see if […]

PSOne Games Available for Your PSP

I’ve never posted about this particular subject before, so I thought I would catch everybody up on the various PSOne games that Sony has made available to download to play on your PSP. From here on in, you can expect more regular posts on this subject as more games are released. That being said… I […]

January PSP Content Pack Now Available

Just a little heads-up to everyone that Sony has released the PSP content pack for January and it is now available on their website. There is all sorts of fun stuff included in the free download this month, including a couple of wallpapers and whole whack of videos – things like trailers and even interviews. […]

Converting YouTube Vids for your PSP

I’ve gotten a little addicted to just randomly surfing around the YouTube website lately, and then came across this handy way to convert those YouTube files into videos that are playable on your PSP! Hmmmmm…. now I just have to decide which ones are worthy of being converted into portable goodness! 1. Get the URL […]

PSP vs. DS Sales in North America

There has been a lot hype circulating around recently of how well Nintendo is doing (and they really are doing quite well, but that’s not the point) and that Sony is slowly sliding behind in popularity. I mean, a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article, comparing the stocks of Nintendo and Sony and […]

2007 to be Year of the PSP RPG?

The folks over at PSP Fanboy have done some research using IGN’s PSP release list and have come to the conclusion that 2007 will be an awesome year for the RPG-lover in each and every one of us! Here is the release list that they’ve posted: January Legend of the Heroes III: Song of the […]

“I love gooooooold.” Sorry… I couldn’t resist the quote from Goldmember – it just popped in my head… I’m not too sure why… I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing… but the folks over at Sony have decided to release yet another coloured PSP for the gamers over in […]

Where Art Thou PSP Music Games?

Harmonix is the company behind such solid music games as Frequency, Amplitude and both of the Guitar Hero games. Apparently, the development team approached Sony, offering to create a sequel to Frenquency for our beloved little handheld but were, but some reason, turned down. Fair enough, Frequency and Amplitude weren’t huge mainstream hits… but come […]

Games you MUST play for PSP

Brian Crecente, over at Kotaku has put together a list of the Top 10 PSP games that every PSP gamer should at least try (according to him, in no particular order): Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Killzone: Liberation Tekken: Dark Resurrection Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Daxter LocoRoco Legos Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Lumines […]

Most Wanted PSOne Games for PSP

The folks over at PSP Fanboy have put together their list of the top eight games they’d like to see the most appear in the PlayStation Store. I agree with quite a few of their choices: 1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2. Metal Gear Solid 3. Chrono Cross 4. Final Fantasy VII 5. Vagrant […]

Rumor – Redesigned PSP to hit E3 2007?

Yup, another rumor about the supposedly imminent announcement about a redesigned PSP. This one hits PGRevolution from the folks over at PSP Updates. Apparently we just may get some information about the newly decked out PSP’s at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles in mid-May. According to these rumors, the new PSP will include/omit the […]

PSP Games to Look Forward To

You know, considering the nasty drought that we’ve been going through in terms of PSP game releases, I figured I would go ahead and post the list of some of the most highly-anticipated PSP games that will be coming your way in 2007. No, I didn’t do all the work and research into these games […]


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