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Mega Man: Powered Up Preview has posted a preview of the remake of the original NES Mega Man for the PSP titled Mega Man: Powered Up.          The preview version is missing the ability to create and trade custom-designed levels, but overall they were very pleased with the results. They talk about the two different modes: Old-style and New-style. […]

Nyko Adds More PSP Accessories

PSP World reports that Nyko has added three new accessories to their PSP line. The Movie Stand provides an ideal viewing angle for UMD movies and stored videos and acts as a charging stand for the PSP and has the following features: Power pass through port Angled stand Compact design Stylish black finish Cut away […]

Generation of Chaos English Screenshots

IGN has released some screenshots of the English version of Generation of Chaos.          Generation of Chaos is based on the PS2 version of Generation of Chaos IV, but with a new storyline. You will attempt to dominate the land of Duke by building up your kingdom from humble beginnings. The game features massive battles […]

From Russia With Love Screenshots

IGN has released some screenshots for the PSP version of the bond game From Russia With Love.      From Russia With Love is the first game to put players in the classic James Bond films as this is set in the original 60′s Bond era as the original bond himself – Sean Connery. The PS2 […]

Neo Mini PSP Converter 4GB Released

Neo Flash has released the Neo Mini PSP Converter 4GB for the PSP.      The Neo 2 in 1 Mini-converter for PSP is a perfect add-on to your PSP for user that require memory space Use multiple cheap memory source like CF card, Microdrive or Micro HD via this converter on your PSP! Product specifications: […]

Lik-Sang Reviews TV Adaper Kit

Lik-Sang has an in-depth review of the TV Adapter Kit from Blaze. The two major draws of this new Adapter is that there is no need to modify your PSP (ala the PSP TV Adapter) and it runs about half the price of similar products at $59.90 So for those two lazy to read the […]

Eye Shield 21 Coming to PSP

IGN is reporting that the anime franchise Eye Shield 21 will not only be coming to PS2 and Nintendo DS, but also to the PSP. Konami will be releasing the Eye Shield 21 Portable Edition in Japan on 3/2/2006 with no word on a North American release at this time. Eye Shield 21 follows Kobayakawa […]

Weebl’s Stuff Now Designed for PSP

The cult site Weebl’s Stuff has released a PSP version of the site. For those people going “What the hell is Weebl’s stuff??”, I only have one word: badgers. Thanks to britblogger for the heads up!

PSP-OSS Almost Complete

PSP3D is reporting that the PSP-OSS homebrew is nearly complete. Here is a list of the features: Working Features: -MP3 playback -OGG playback -PNG viewing (pictures (only 480×272)) -EBOOT Loading from within PSP-OSS -UMD Loading from within PSP-OSS -Fully skinnable (reboots the OSS to change skins) -Wallpapers changable while in the OSS -NEW: File Browser […]

Midway Announces NBA Ballers: Rebound

Midway has announced NBA Ballers: Rebound for the PSP. NBA Ballers: Rebound has you taking on a rags-to-riches path from an unknown to an NBA superstar in a number of one-on-one duels. This PSP edition is based on the original NBA Ballers for PS2 and Xbox.

Lik-Sang now has available a new 6000 mAh External Battery for the iPod and PSP.          They also posted a mini-test of the product with the results on the link above. The PSP External Battery retails for $49.95 and is available now. Considering a standard 1800 mAh battery runs around $40-$50 alone this might be […]

Fight Night Round 3 Confirmed for PSP

Gamespot is reporting that Electronic Arts has confirmed Fight Night Round 3 for both Xbox 360 and PSP. Each version will sport a different boxer as the cover athlete which will be revealed at CES next month. No further information was announced at this time regarding the PSP or XBox 360 versions but it is […]


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