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MLB 2K6: Payoff Pitching Interview

IGN has posted an interview with game designer Greg Wondra of Kush Games about the upcoming MLB 2K6: Payoff Pitching. It is pretty good interview and covers a good range of topics. I am admittedly not a sports fan, so I am not into these kinds of games. However, I know that they all have […]

PSIX Released

The team over at PSIX Online has finally released their OS for the PSP entitled PSIX. It’s finally here!, we are proud to present to the psp scene, Psix, This not only marks the release of psix, but the beginning of a revolution, high quality visuals with high quality coding seemlessly merged to provide the […]

The Godfather Teaser Trailer

IGN has posted the teaser trailer for the The Godfather, which is based on the classic book and movie of the same title. While the clip doesn’t show much (hence the name “teaser”), it does show off some great graphics and certainly seems to capture the feel of the era. The voice-over could use a […]

Tutorial: Loading Homebrew on 2.0-2.6

Hack A Day has posted a great tutorial on how to get homebrew setup on Firmware 2.0 through 2.6. So you’ve heard about this homebrew thing that all the cool kids have been doing, but you have already upgraded to version 2.6 of the firmware so that you could play all the latest and greatest […]

Gamespot reports that if you pre-order Street Fighter Alpha 3 from the Capcom website, you will get a free D-Pad cover. This D-Pad was released with copies of Alpha 3 when it was released in Japan. Capcom points out that the pad “will work on most console and handheld systems on the market.” However, the […]

Screenshots: From Russia With Love

Gamespot has posted 5 new screenshots of the upcoming PSP port of From Russia With Love.          From Russia With Love is due out Mar 14, 2006. You can read Gamespot’s preview here.

WRC Coming to North America

IGN reports that Namco Bandai will be bringing World Rally Championship for the PSP to North America in March.          The game is officially licensed by the FIA World Rally Championship and based on the 2005 season. It offers the full WRC season covering 5 continents and 16 countries including Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Greece, […]

Screenshots: Tomb Raider Legends

IGN has posted 5 new screenshots of Lara Croft’s first PSP outing Tomb Raider Legends.          The game is looking great and everything I have heard from Crystal Dynamics says this game (Along with the PS2 version) will fix many of the problems of Tomb Raider games of late. Namely the clunky and antiquated controls, […]

Screenshots: Worms Open Warfare

IGN has got two cool new screenshots of the upcoming PSP entry in the venerated Worms series Worms Open Warfare.    I personally think the return to 2D is an excellent choice as that is how I first fell in love with the series. The screenshots look great and make me want to install Worms […]

Untold Legends 2 Goes Gold

SOE announced today that Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code has gone gold. The Warrior’s Code is an all new Action/Role-Playing Game with an evolutionary combat engine, enhanced 3D graphics with new special effects and lighting. The game utilizes the online capability of the PSP system by featuring two online multiplayer options. The cooperative option features […]

Screenshots: Samurai Warriors – State of War

Gamespot has released 31 new screenshots for Samurai Warriors: State of War.        You can check out the rest of the screenshots here as well as Gamespot’s hands-on preview here.

Quake v1.1 – Now with Infrastrucure!

Chris Swindle has released the newest version of his Quake Mutliplayer mode which now sports Infrastructure. This means you should now be able play with people over the net. Adhoc Code v1.1: Chris Swindle 29th Jan 2006 Here is the latest build of the multiplayer support version of Quake, in this build it has the […]


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